About Foksy

Half French – Half Australian – Lives in Cornwall –  Multimedia Artist


  • Have you ever needed a bodyboard slapped into your nether regions so hard you turned green?
  • Need someone to assist with your morning routine because you’re utterly useless at that time of day?
  • Is it absolutely imperative that you find a man capable of walking without tripping over nothing?

Yeah , Nah

Not gonna happen but i can tell you more about me.

I’m the illustrator who got punched in the groin with his own bodyboard (a callous swipe by mother ocean’s hand), the logo designer that’s inexcusably useless before 10 am (sorry I’m not a morning person) and the friendly web designer with the elegance and grace of a newborn baby deer that’s five pints deep during post-work Friday bevvies at the frozen pond.


I’ve been freelancing and fooling about on the side of fulltime employment for nearly 10 years. I now have a folio. I love using ink on paper and I’m mad for painting and spraying walls and skateboards.

I’m currently a WordPress web developer for Solve Web Media and they get me to do cool things like making websites and designing logos. If you want anything cool created for you and you like what you see then drop me a line.